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It is time to boldly step into your purpose.

Whether you identify as neurodivergent, queer or not, if you've come to this page, you likely experience unwanted or limiting thought and beliefs. They come up and plant seeds of doubt in sneaky ways. This in-turn keeps you in a cycle of playing small to keep feeling safe, though also disallowing joy and forward movement in your goals, relationships, working life, and home life.

Your nervous system, in all its glory, is expending a lot of energy keeping you safe. The alarm bells go off when you (try to) make changes, or deviate from your normal routine.

You create habits to avoid sensations of fear, and while this is so common and normal, it keeps you where you are or where you have been because its familiar. Rather than helping you to fulfill your soul's purpose, staying in the feedback loop hinders you.

Picture yourself making the choice and fully stepping into the life you LONG FOR. Feel the expansion inside as you become a more fulfilled, self-actualized version of you. With sensations of elation, and of fear - because, spoiler alert, fear won't disappear as you expand.

You have become better equipped to BE WITH these parts of you.

"The body keeps the score" - Bessel Van Der Kolk

Hi! I am an anatomy and nervous system nerd! I identify as neurodivergent, queer and non-binary. I have a form of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and this creates hella unwanted thoughts. They used to, and sometimes still do, activate my nervous system at inopportune times.

As a certified somatic coach, an EFT Tapping Practitioner and a registered yogi, I have leaned into mindfulness because frankly it's what I've found that works! And what you will embark on works like a hot damn!

Neurodivergent people - likely YOU - are the change-makers. I am SO PASSIONATE about ensuring you discover who you are at your core and LOVE YOURSELF SILLY, that you have agency over your body and choices, to live a joyful, fulfilling life!

At my core, I value diversity and inclusion. I value pleasure being accessible to ALL. I value people like you having and holding agency over their choices.

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