Claire Middleton


Big Genital Energy

Want an affordable taste of the somatic sensuality "work" I offer?

What is mindful erotic practice?

An expansive and empowering version of self-pleasure for the whole body and spirit.

This is a sacred space for your playful, emotional, creative nature to be expressed and released through your senses.

Who is it for?

Those who long for connection and community. People of all abilities and orientations welcome.

Those who desire for greater awareness of themselves and their liberation.

What you will receive:

  • Access to one-hour weekly communal practices with me (Claire) as your host
  • Access to the BGE course & practices, which includes...
  • Five lessons & twelve activities you have 24/7 access to on any device
  • Special promotions and offers only for subscribers

The details:

  • We'll meet weekly on ___ at ___ pm PST (TBA)
  • Zoom link is sent via email, as well as accessible through BGE
  • Cameras are ON for group check-in (10 min)
  • Cameras and microphone are OFF during the 40 minute somatic practice

Sign Me Up Now!

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  • Optional cameras on or off after practice for group debrief (10 min)
  • I create a playlist for the 40 minute practice & take your requests during the week

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