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I have literally transformed my life and I know you can too!

It's simply the truth that the deep and different thinkers, the ones who overcome the odds or stick out like sore thumbs are the ones who break the mold. (D-uh!) Since you're reading this, you're probably where the buck stops in your family. Meaning, intergenerational traumas and troubling normals all shift with you because of your lived experience; because you are inherently aware you're built for better things.

I grew up experiencing obsessive-compulsive disorder, sexual trauma, and witnessing inter-generational traumas play out in my family. It led me to seek out the self-help section of every library I could get access to. Deep down I was driven to learn, to succeed, and mostly - to feel confidence and acceptance within myself.

OCD, for me, is my super power. (I did not always feel that way!) I write and study best in spurts. I'm prone to rumination, dissociation, spurts of hyper-focus, am highly intuitive and observant.

The somatic modalities I offer I use at home help to build my self-trust muscles. Through them, I have formed rituals of pleasure within my life and work. OCD presents itself differently in every person. There is SO MUCH stigma.

No matter how your neurodivergence presents itself, I know you've felt judgement. That is why I became a somatic sex educator, a sexological bodyworker, a certified life coach, and an EFT Tapping Practitioner.

Neurodivergent people - likely YOU - are the change-makers. I am SO PASSIONATE about ensuring you discover who you are at your core and LOVE YOURSELF SILLY, that you have agency over your body and choices, to live joyful, fulfilling lives.

At my core, I value diversity and inclusion.

I value pleasure being accessible to ALL.

I value people like you having and holding agency over their choices.

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